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We also know “Succession” is a hit. It’s what we used to call a ‘water cooler show’ back when people were in offices gathered around clear plastic bubbling stands.

This past week, though. “Succession” didn’t rise that much on HBO’s main channel. Just 695,000 viewers caught the 9pm Sunday show, which up from the previous week but not by much.

Streaming was a different story. HBO says 2.6 million total viewed the post-death episode in which Connor Roy agreed to purchase his father’s Park Avenue aerie for $63 million from the old man’s estranged widow. That means around 1.9 million came in through HBO Max or Max as it is now known.

Only HBO knows the veracity of that number, 1.9 million. Streaming numbers are not divulged by an independent source. We take their word for it. Logan Roy wouldn’t, but we will. We have no choice.

Important to note– I was at dinner with some friends last week. Their smart, media savvy 25 year old son joined us. “None of my friends have cable,” he told us. “Everyone has subscriptions to HBO Max, Netflix, etc. We all share them.” Where do they get their news? Not from CNN, Fox, or MSNBC on cable. “We get it from social media, You Tube, some Twitter alerts, Facebook.”

So this generation is not watching “Succession” or “Barry” — which got only 274,000 viewers on cable Sunday after “Succession.” They’re comprising those other numbers. Maybe.

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