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From Wilmington, Delaware there are a bunch of different things happening:

The jury has been chosen in the Dominion Voting-Fox News trial. The jurors’ names are hidden, they are just referred to by number. There is no audio or video, and no photos. Right now, alternate jurors are being approved.

The judge has told the courtroom that the trial will not a last a day more than six weeks.

At stake here is not just the money, $1.6 billion. It’s also Fox News’s reputation and the fate of anchors who lied to their viewers about voter fraud and stolen election. Big names like Hannity, Carlson, and Bartiromo could see their already in tatters credibility further ruined.

But will they care? The viewers or the anchors? Maybe not. The anchors are isolated from reality with huge salaries and a PR office out for blood. The viewers aren’t the sharpest tools in the drawer, and believe what they’re fed– and maybe want to be. They want to hear what Fox is offering, where true or not.

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