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Big news as we go to sleep on the East Coast.

Dominion Voting Systems may settle their $1.6 billion defamation case against Fox News and deny us the opportunity to gloat as Rupert Murdoch’s crazy empire is exposed to the public.

It was announced this evening that the Delaware trial has been put off until Tuesday as the two sides negotiate with each other.

Monday was supposed to finish jury selection and feature opening arguments. Then the fun would begin with Fox News stars as well as Murdoch on the stand.

Murdoch et al have already been deeply embarrassed by release of the depositions showing that everyone at Fox News knew there was no voter fraud in the 2020 election but promoted that idea to their viewers hike up ratings.

The whole gang of on air jackals including Carlson, Hannity, and Bartiromo have all been exposed as liars. The Fox News audience doesn’t care. They are rubes who want whatever crap Fox is serving, true or not. If Dominion settles, even with apologies from Fox and a huge cash settlement, those viewers will continue to think they’ve won, that the lawsuit was a fraud, and so was the 2020 election. These are also the people that think John Kennedy Jr. is alive.

What should Dominion get besides $500 million? How about Rupert his team coming out on the plaza at 1221 Sixth Avenue with their hands on the air?

Stay tuned for a possible early end to what could have been the best Fox News show in a long time.

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