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How, or why? are the questions for the box office.

This weekend “Super Mario Brothers,” an animated film based on a video game from 30 years ago, made $87 million.

This was its second weekend in release. The total now is near $350 million, which it will surpass on Monday.

Why? How? Multiple viewings? For what reason? Nostalgia? Boredom?

Timing is everything, I guess. Mario and Luigi really knew when to come back. I can’t wait for Oscar-baiters to suggest because it’s made so much money, “Super Mario” should have a Best Picture nomination. What will Ms. PacMan say?

Back in reality, Ben Affleck’s “Air” is quality phenom. Its made $33 million in two weeks and should push nicely to $50 mil before getting to Amazon Prime. This is the only original film drama-comedy, non sequel, non comic book movie for people looking for cinema. Many, many awards are ahead in future.

In lesser words, the much-despised “Beau is Afraid” — which seems to be a three hour Emperor’s New Clothes — opened in four theaters and made $320,396. Yes, three hours and apparently not much happens. The “EEAAO” crowd loves it, which means it’s a lot of hooey. Joaquin Phoenix will not get awards attention because of all his focus in the fall will be on “Gladiator 2.” One day I will see this thing and fast forward through it.

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