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The sudden and surprise death of Logan Roy on Sunday night’s “Succession” energized the show’s ratings.

Numbers were up 23% from last week as word spread to the other time zones from the East, social media went crazy, and even east coasters tuned in for the second showing at 10pm.

Imagine what the numbers might have been if HBO had given a clue about what was going to happen. But there were no previews, and no press screenings. This Sunday, the numbers should be up substantially for Logan’s funeral and the repercussions of his death. This should be the will reading of all time!

HBO will announce higher numbers from Sunday drawing on HBO Max and other platforms. These numbers are the actual ratings from the HBO main channel.

The episode was titled “Connor’s Wedding.” Remember it in July when it picks up Emmy nods for Best Drama, writing, directing, and all the actors.

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