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Da dum!
“Law & Order” and all its configurations has been renewed by NBC. But regular orders only for classic “L&O” and “SVU.” Chris Meloni’s “Organized Crime,” with low ratings and four showrunners gone, is only guaranteed 13 weeks. Maybe after that, Meloni will only guest on “SVU.”

At the same time, NBC will bring back the “Chicago” shows — all three of them.

Add those to Wolf’s “FBI” shows on CBS, and it’s a 1000% victory. Dick Wolf will continue his hold on three different nights again next season: Tuesdays with three “FBI” shows.

Of them all, “Law & Order SVU” is the senior player, coming into its 25th season. Mariska Hargitay is the single longest running nighttime star on television. Now if only they’ll bring back Kelli Giddish– I watched it the other night and is really missed.

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