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There are no advance screeners for tonight’s “Succession.”

A few people in the press received the first four episodes in advance, but now they’ve evaporated. HBO is holding back for a reason.

Tonight’s episode will feature Connor and Willa’s wedding, although marriage is not guaranteed. The kids are always fighting among themselves and with Logan, although Kendall and Shiv don’t know yet that Roman has weaseled his way back into his father’s good graces.

The X factor character is Alexander Skarsgard’s Lukas Matsson, aka “The Swede,” whose company is supposedly buying Waystar. We’ve only seen him so far on the phone eating junk food and making veiled threats. Matsoon is a stand in for Spotify’s Daniel Ek, but better looking.

But something big is happening tonight, that’s for sure. I’ll try and live tweet it at @showbiz411 and be back on here at the of the hour to say what I can without giving it away for other time zons.

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