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Logan Roy is dead.

The patriarch character of “Succession,” based on Rupert Murdoch, was killed off tonight in the 3rd episode of the show’s fourth and final season.

Already the reaction on social media is overwhelming. That’s because this was the most emotional hour of television in years. The Roys have fought among each other in the most vicious way for three seasons plus the last two episodes. And the whole thing was about love, lack of love, approbation, yearning for it. And now, that part of it is over.

I’m sure over the next five weeks we’ll see the Roy kids each each other alive to take over the company and come out on top. It will make “Game of Thrones” look like “Mary Poppins.” But for right now, the show was written with such despairing eloquence, and acted the same, the second showing right now on HBO should push the ratings into the stratosphere.

What Jesse Armstrong, the writer and creator of the show, has done is hit a bullseye dramatically. The emotions are so real and raw and unexpected throughout the roller coaster of denial and reluctant acceptance there’s huge identification. Brian Cox made Logan such a royal, immortal figure that a sudden death seems impossible. But last night week it was kind of telegraphed when the group of them had their final meeting. Logan actually apologized to them all. Even though no one accepted it, it was his farewell.

Emmys for the show and everyone involved. Outstanding work.

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