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Last night’s “SNL” had a great start with James Austin Johnson as Donald Trump taking over the Last Supper. He compared himself to Jesus, “because all I did was be friendly to a sex worker.” It was Johnson’s best bit yet. His Trump is really a work of art.

Molly Shannon, a treasured alumna of “SNL,” returned as host after 16 years. But the show’s writing now isn’t subversive enough to catch her voice, so many of the skit were lackluster. A good one, with the Jonas Brothers, didn’t come on until almost the end of the show. It should have been much earlier. There were almost no references to her recent successes, like “White Lotus,” or her HBO show, “I Love That for You.” And Mary Katherine Gallagher got a passing nod. Head scratchers.

Bigger headscratcher: Jonas Brothers. Their first song was “Waffle House,” an ok uptempo number currently number 11 on iTunes. But the second song was like a 70s rock ballad. It was the wrong kind of showcase for their about to be released album, which for some reason is called “The Album.” They need new management. They’re either not getting good advice, or not taking it.

PS Loved Heidi Gardner’s “Weekend Update” cameo as the overworked office supervisor. She’s ready for an Emmy nomination.

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