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You remember that Kanye West, noted anti-Semite, owns a private Christian school in California called Donda Academy. It’s named for his late mother.

Now the school’s only two Black female teachers are suing Kanye and the school for wrongful termination.

Their names are Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers. Each of them has long resumes in education and juvenile justice. They say when they complained about a lot of things that seemed wrong at Donda, including safety, education, not having a school nurse, offering only sushi for lunch, no janitorial services, and a whole litany of logical, sensible components to a proper school, they were dismissed.

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The whole complaint can be read here, and it’s a doozy.

Aside from the safety, education, etc problems at the school, the former teachers also called out these Kanye West pecadilloes:

(1) Defendant WEST did not allow crossword puzzles or coloring sheets;

(2) Classes could not take place on the second floor as Defendant WEST
reportedly did not allow children or staff to go upstairs since he was reportedly afraid of stairs;
(3) Defendant WEST did not allow children to use forks or utensils;

(4) Defendant WEST
required that cups and bowls be the color gray;

(5) Defendant WEST did not allow color in the
classrooms or artwork hung on the walls;

(6) Teachers and children were not allowed to wear
jewelry, because Defendant WEST reportedly did not like jewelry;

(7) Defendant WEST did not allow chairs, so children had to sit on foam cushions or stand, and teachers had to stand or use a stool;

(8) Everyone was required to wear all black from head to toe. Only Defendant WEST’s
issued or designed apparel was allowed to be worn. Nike and Adidas brands were forbidden;

The school was physically locked from the outside during the school day; and (10) Students were not allowed to go outside. The entire school had the same “lunch/recess” time which was taken
indoors. Students had to eat their lunch on the floor as there were no tables.

also, my favorite:

the only lunch available for
students was sushi, every single day. Students were not allowed to bring any outside food or
anything other than water. It was widely known that Defendant WEST spends $10,000.00 a week
on sushi.

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