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Well, what can you say? If the audience wants to see a movie, they will find it.

Last night, “Super Mario Brothers” made $31 million. It’s animated movie for children, no? And star Chris Pratt was criticized for his accent as Mario. John Leguizamo is upset about the casting. But there it is.

Thirty one million dollars. Four more days of that and you’ve got $150 million, which doesn’t seem possible.

Mind you, this is a movie with a 53 on Rotten Tomatoes among critics and bloggers. But it has a 96 audience rating. The people want to see their favorite video game on the big screen!

Hey– one day, this will be on TCM. (LOL, no.) Congrats to Universal Pictures. They know what they’re doing. This is how they can afford to release “Chevalier” and the new Wes Anderson movie.

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