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“Saturday Night Live” is listing to the side a little from some unexciting choices.

This weekend’s installment with “Abbott Elementary” star Quinta Brunson and rapper Lil Yachty brought in 4.21 million viewers. That was down a skosh from the 4.24 million of Jenna Ortega’s hosting effort two weeks ago.

Something’s wrong with the combinations of hosts and musical guests. I wish they’d mix it up a little, There’s also a little misguidance about who’s hot and will draw ratings. Maybe the show doesn’t care as long as they stay above 4 million. After all, “SNL” isn’t going to be cancelled. But still, homeruns are better than dribbling hits.

I really like Quinta Brunson, but “Abbott” is not a big ratings hit. And it translated over to “SNL.”

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