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What if “Yellowstone” gave a party and no one showed up?

That’s what happened on Saturday at the PaleyCenter in Los Angeles. “Yellowstone” was supposed to be the subject of a panel discussion with all the players present including Kevin Costner and show creator Taylor Sheridan.

But all of the big players including those two did not show up. And yes, people paid good money for tickets. The only people who did appear were Josh Lucas (Young John Dutton), Wendy Moniz (Lynelle Perry), Mo Brings Plenty (Mo), and Dawn Olivieri (Sarah Atwood). A network exec arrived and said the rest of the gang, including Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley, had “scheduling conflicts.”

The real conflicts, however, are between Costner and Sheridan, who are not speaking to each, I’m told. Neither they nor the main cast could be expected to field questions about Season 5, Part 2, which the cast that did participate said had not started filming. They also said there was no start date. Season 5, part 2 is supposed to air this summer, so this means trouble is afoot.

If Paramount and the production company don’t sort all this out quickly, they’re going to have even bigger problems. Emmy campaigns will begin soon. If this cast can’t make it to industry Q&As, the party will be over.

Stay tuned…

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