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You do remember we had 8– eight– Harry Potter movies, right? Because it seems like everyone reporting this story tonight has forgotten there were EIGHT of them, each based on one of JK Rowlings’ books.

So now, Bloomberg and others report that Warner Bros and HBO are negotiating with Rowling to start ALL OVER AGAIN. This time, they will make a seven year TV series based on the seven books. (The 8th movie was the second part of the 8th book.)

So DESPITE all the iconic acting, writing, producing, and directing in the movies, there’s going to be a whole NEW VERSION of this thing to squeeze money from.

It doesn’t matter that Amazon already tried this trick with “Lord of the Rings,” which entirely unnecessary. Amazon spent 400 BILLION DOLLARS remaking Peter Jackson’s award winning films into a TV series that no one cared about. No one. It was just there, on Amazon, if you had nothing to do and couldn’t remember what happened in the movies or wanted to see it stretched out even longer than the three hour films.

We don’t have time for nostalgia anymore. Someone, somewhere wants to remake another perfect movie, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.” Again, no one asked for it, nor wants it. But original ideas are not available, so this is what’s happened.

What will Warner’s tell Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and all the other actors who put their lives into the “Harry Potter” movies? Answer: Thank you, next.

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