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And here we are, a couple of weeks post-Oscars.

In four days, “Dungeons and Dragons,” with Chris Pine, made $38.5 million. Amazing, no? Will you or I see it? No. But a lot of people are enjoying it, which is fine.

Ironically “D&D” took in more in one weekend than Adam Driver’s “65” did in four weeks. That offering, whose title refers to age and not speed limit, has made just $30 million in that time. Whoops! Something went wrong at Sony Pictures with that one. Adam Driver’s never really had a total flop before. Now he’s a man!

And Jesus came in third for the weekend. A Christian movie called “His Only Son” took in $5 million. No one ever mentions this, but are there Easter eggs in Easter movies? I guess we’ll never know.

Just for balance, “Cocaine Bear,” the ultimate holiday movie, is up to $63.7 million. I hear the bear has it in his contract that for shooting the sequel, no one on set can look at him directly. Also, he’s getting a Maserati from the studio to rip apart. These stars!

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