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For the first time ever in history a US president has been indicted by a grand jury.

Donald Trump, the greatest political criminal in US history, is finally facing the music. To paraphrase the Rolling Stones song Trump illegally uses: “You can sometimes get what you want.”

Pop a cork!

What makes this so lovely this afternoon: DA Alvin Bragg’s office had leaked to the press that the grand jury was taking a break for a month, putting Trump into a false sense of ease. Bragg obviously knew that wasn’t true, so we give him lots of points for pulling off a head fake. Nicely done!

Also, the Wall Street Journal reports that aside from the Stormy Daniels story, the Karen McDougal-National Enquirer pay off is involved. This explains the return of Inquirer publisher David Pecker to the grand jury this week.

Read the NY Times coverage here

Also, the Yankees won their opening game vs. the San Francisco Giants, 5 to 0.

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