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Below is an interview with lying liar Donald Trump and Fox News stooge Sean Hannity. Trump — about to be indicted — says he feels like Elvis now that the “hit” record he made with a bunch of January 6th criminals is “number 1.”

According to Luminate, which measures sales and streaming, Trump’s “Justice for All” has sold a total of 48,945 copies since its release on March 3rd. That includes all iTunes, Spotify, etc.

The number of streams alone is 1.1 million, which translates into like 10,000 in actual sales. It means that between Trump’s lunatic base and press people who had to play the record at least once, “Justice for All” has been heard fewer times than a My Pillow commercial.

For a single to be certified Gold it needs 75 million streams. So that’s just 74 million more. It’s possible that Trump and his cohorts have earned $4,000. It won’t pay their bail.

Contrary to Trump’s daft assertion, he’s not beating Taylor Swift or Elvis. Swift’s “Anti Hero” has sold a total of 3.5 million.

Of course, Trump may indeed identify with fat Elvis in his twilight years. And Trump may soon be singing “Jailhouse Rock.”

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