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Well, this was inevitable.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is coming back in the fall for a 20th season. Why? ABC has no new ideas, they might as well stick with this one even though the star is gone and the showrunner is leaving.

That’s right, you know Ellen Pompeo left already. Another actress who’s played a doctor for nine years is leaving, too. Showrunner Krista Vernoff lives in a mansion somewhere, so she’s done, too.

But “Grey’s” will return, nonetheless.

ABC treats the show like a daytime soap, and that works for them. People come and go, a few older characters remain for stability, but the bulk of the show rests on low paid newbie actors.

“Grey’s” finishes second to “Law & Order SVU” on Thursdays at 9, but they have to put something on the air!

When I think of it: I began watching “Grey’s Anatomy” when it launched in 2005 because I was trapped in a hotel room in Santa Maria, California covering the Michael Jackson trial. I never watched it again, in detail, and think how much has changed in the world.

PS Yesterday, a doctor I was talking to said I shouldn’t use “Grey’s Anatomy” as a reference for anything. I’m shattered!

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