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The Oscars are well behind us in the rearview mirror. All the movies nominated for Best Picture are available via streaming, cable, DVD, video on demand, etc.

So which of the nominees is the most viewed at home? According to Digital Entertainment Network, it’s not the winner, “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

No. The most watched at home movie of all the Oscar players is Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans.” It’s number 2 on the chart this week behind “Puss N Boots.”

The third most watched film is “The Whale.”

And “EEAAO”? It’s number 7, behind “A Man Called Otto,” “Top Gun Maverick,” and “Wakanda Forever.”

Further down the list in the top 20 are “Tar,” “Women Talking,” and “Elvis.”

Am I surprised? No. For one thing, “EEAAO” has made $70 million at the box office. Whoever wanted to see it has done so. It’s also on Showtime night and day, where no matter how many times I’ve waded into it, I’ve skipped to the end each time.

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