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Back in January, Miley Cyrus dropped her first record with Sony-Columbia. It was an out of the box hit, going to number 1 that night– January 12th– and staying in the top 5 ever since.

But “Flowers” has pretty much saturated radio and streaming, everyone knows it, and there are dozens of cover of it on YouTube.

So where’s the second single?

The album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” came two weeks ago and really needed a new push with a new single. Certainly there are plenty of choices. But so far, nothing’s happened. And now the Vacation is possibly ending. After selling 384,000 copies according to Luminate, “Vacation” is beginning to fade on the charts.

What’s even a little worrisome is that none of those other tracks from “Vacation” are on the Spotify streaming chart. Only “Flowers” hangs in there. The best possibility is “River,” an upbeat dance number that sounds like it was borrowed from “You Spin Me Round.” But why not work “Jaded” or “You” or one of the others? No one’s getting any younger here.

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