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“Shazam 2” has somehow provoked the actual Fury of the Gods.

The Zachary Levi led super hero movie sequel had a lackluster weekend. But the mid week numbers are worse.

On Monday, “Shazam 2” fell 77% from Sunday, the biggest dip of any movie in the top 10. On Tuesday, a day when people try to get to movies they missed over the weekend, “Shazam 2” rose 42%, a low increase.

Wednesday, however, crushed the hope that “Shazam 2” was getting good word of mouth. Receipts fell the same 42%, wiping out gains and the aforementioned help. This film is cooked. With a $125 budget (which is always lower than the real numbers), “Shazam 2” would need $250 million to break even, and another $75 million to turn a profit. This is not going to happen.

So what did happen? Was it Levi’s weird and off putting social media? Was it the new Warner’s-DC Comics brass just not caring about “Shazam 2” as they go on to build a new brand? Levi now is blaming the marketing. Well, something went very wrong. Could it be fans are just tired of these super hero movies?

We will know soon when “The Flash” finally shows up in June.

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