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“Succession,” as you may know, is back for a fourth and final season. Why is this the end? It could be a money thing with HBO and the actors, I don’t know. But watching the first episode of Season 4, all you can think is how can we all put ourselves through this again? How can Jesse Armstrong, who writes it?

So where are we now? The Roy kids are pitted against Logan, their father, in a bidding war. Cherry Jones, who plays Logan’s rival, Nan Pierce, is at the center of it. The Roy Kids, when we see them at first, are starting their own business, which would be swell. But then, of course, they see something Logan wants.

Everyone is vicious, even when they are tender. Shiv and Tom are always on the verge of something decisive. Cousin Greg, is well, an idiot. Kendall and Roman are rogue soldiers. They can go either way. Kendall remains vague and cerebral. Roman is a spewing machine.

The writing remains deeply textured to the point where you have to listen to it twice to pick up the nuances. I’m so relieved when there’s a moment in English, slowed down, where one person asks another what’s going on? Because there are always a couple of minutes when the dense dodging of emotions and expressiveness makes you want to reach for an Advil or a stiff Scotch, no rocks.

Things happen in this episode. We don’t walk out clean. New battle lines are drawn. Some futures may change. We may have seen a red herring swimming through a birthday party. I’ll say this: Cherry Jones is to be adored and appreciated. Between this and her turn in “Poker Face,” she has to get something from the Television Academy, not just flowers.

Watch on Sunday, we’ll come back and talk a little more on Tuesday, and get ready for Episode 2. Me? I’ve got to lie down. Now.

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