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SUNDAY MORNING: “Shazam: Fury of the Gods” made $30.5 million for the weekend, a low for Warner’s/DC and far below the original film. You have to think that there was more going on here than “bad marketing” or the film wasn’t as good as the first one. The lead actor speaking out and aligning himself with right wing positions did this film in. Period.

SATURDAY MORNING: It’s a no go for “Shazam 2.”

Warner Bros’ sequel to the surprise 2019 hit had a very disappointing take off on Friday. Including Thursday previews, total for the opening was just over $11 million. Another $16 mil for Saturday and Sunday won’t bring it to $30 mil for the weekend even if kids are dumped into theaters.

The original “Shazam” took in $56 million, so the fall off is spectacular. Was it something star Zachary Levi said? His anti-vax stand and otherwise right wing positioning, which he expressed on Joe Rogan’s ultra conservative podcast, obviously didn’t help.

What happened? Levi was a benign figure in showbiz. He was popular from the “Chuck” TV series, from “Mrs. Maisel,” and a nice turn on Broadway in a musical. Maybe he knew the new Warner’s brass weren’t continuing with a third “Shazam.” He certainly, as used to say, hanged himself on his own petard.

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