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For a short time in the last day, Justin Bieber posted a video demonstrating that his health is fine, his Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is cured, and he could easily have fulfilled all the concert dates he cancelled this year. There were 70 in all through this month, plus a raft more internationally and more in 2024.

Then the video disappeared from his Instagram. Luckily, a lot of media outlets downloaded it and uploaded it to their sites.

So what’s going on here? Bieber has been posting stills to Instagram for weeks that have shown him partying, frolicking, and otherwise having a grand time away from his tour. His bout of Ramsay Hunt, which paralyzed his face last year, seems to have been resolved a long time ago. Is it possible Bieber just didn’t want to complete his tour?

Not only that, Bieber performed a new single with rapper Don Toliver on stage at Rolling Loud on March 5th. The video is below. He looks very well, indeed. Ticket holders to all those cancelled shows must wonder what is going on?

And why did this new video clip disappear so quickly? Could the insurer of his tour have gotten wind of it? They paid out a lot of money when Bieber cancelled. The cancellations also caused headaches all over the world for venues and ticket holders — not to mention all the crew and band it requires to put on his shows.

Indeed, Bieber’s latest tour cancellation announcement came on February 28th. For two months he’d been posting pics to Instagram showing him in full smile, no issues. Just a cursory look at Bieber’s Instagram from mid-January shows that his paralysis– which was no doubt serious– was well in the rear view mirror. There are plenty of other photos from earlier this year, like the one below.

There are a lot of questions here with few answers. But when I see headlines on BuzzFeed like “Justin Bieber Regains Mobility in His Face,” I have to wonder if no one is paying attention.

from Bieber’s Instagram, January 7, 2023

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