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We’ll be seeing more Satan worship and adultery for the next two years on Peacock.

NBC’s streaming service has renewed “Days of our Lives” for seasons 59 and 60 beginning this fall. The show is currently in the middle of season 58.

Things looked dicey for “Days” when NBC took it off broadcast TV and sent it to Peacock. No one has any idea who’s still watching but it must be enough people to satisfy the execs. When the show left NBC it was getting around 1.6 mil eyes a day.

This week, “Days” is bringing back two very popular actors, Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell, the latter’s character via a science fiction story line. (The character died a long time ago.) They let go a number of minor characters to make room in the budget. But the PR campaign, I guess, has worked.

Kudos to headwriter Ron Carlivati, who’s won a bunch of awards for writing the show. He manages to keep the older cast — a dozen or so actors over the age of 60 — on the air several times a week, inventing new stories for them. Yes, Deidre Hall is still there– since 1976! — and three more have been there for 50 years including Susan Seaforth Hayes and her real life husband, Bill Hayes, now age 97! Unreal!

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