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On Saturday night, “Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega hosted “SNL” with musical guest rock band The 1975.

“Wednesday” is such a big hit you’d think “SNL” ratings would have skyrocketed. So, go figure this out: the ratings were lower than the previous week and in a big decline from exactly one year ago.

Total viewers this past Saturday came to 4.243 million. And 985,000 of those people were in the key demo. Ortega is young, and so is her audience. So the surprise is that more of them didn’t tune in. Last year’s key demo was up over 1 million with 4.36 million total viewers. Huh? The host was “The Batman” star Zoe Kravitz and musical guest Rosalia.

Not only that: NFL star Travis Kelce’s show last week hit 4.5 million total eyes. So Ortega’s show fell short of that, as well.

I’m surprised. I thought the huge “Wednesday” audience would translate into really big numbers for “SNL.” So we all learned something from this episode. On to the next one!

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