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The Oscars are here at last on ABC, tonight at 8pm. What surprises are in store for us?

First of all, set your DVRs to tape “The Last of Us” on HBO. I haven’t seen it but I assure you, Joel and Ellie live even if something bad happens to them. The show is a huge hit. There will be a second season.

Anyway back to the Oscars: Will “Everything Everywhere” pull off a huge sweep? We know that Ke Huy Quan will win Best Supporting Actor right at the top of the show. He’s the one lock of the night. Michelle Yeoh is likely to take Best Actress, way at the end of the night. She’s almost a lock if Cate Blanchett doesn’t pull off an overturn.

But most everything else is up in the air. The nail biters will be at the very end. Will Steven Spielberg nab Best Director for “The Fabelmans”? Or will “EEAAO” be so strong that the Daniels take that spot. If they do, then their movie is Best Picture. If Spielberg wins, everyone will on the edge of their seats waiting for the last envelope.

There won’t be any slaps or violence of any kind. No cliffhanger there. This year security will be amped, plus everyone will want to be on their best behavior. It should be a funny and moving show, with Jimmy Kimmel at the steering wheel. He runs a live show five days a week. He knows how to do this.

Length of the show shouldn’t be an issue, either. Only four of the five Best Songs are being performed. Lady Gaga’s song will be acknowledged just in clips. That cuts down the time. There will be the usual focus on the In Memoriam section, with Lenny Kravitz singing and playing while the names flash by. There will be the usual “snubs,” of course: who didn’t make it? We’ll find out soon enough.

So get the popcorn, the drinks, and the ballots ready. And follow me from the Dolby Theater on Twitter @showbiz411.

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