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“Creed III” started its run last weekend with knockout punches all kinds of other big boxing puns.

But in a true test, the second weekend has “Creed III” on the ropes. Friday’s box office fell 66% from last Friday. It seems like the big money was made in round 1, and round 2 may not fare so well.

This may be the way movies are going right now. Big opening weekends, followed by big fall offs. It used to mean a lot to have “legs,” but right now those legs are wobbly. “Creed III” will still hit $100 million by Monday or Tuesday, but that propulsive element is gone.

Meanwhile, Adam Driver is facing his first real flop with “65,” a title that sounds like it’s referring to retirement. Maybe it is, I have no idea. But “65” has disastrous reviews and just $4.4 million for its opening night. This is no “Star Wars” for Driver, who’s already had another off the books flop with Netflix’s “White Noise.” (Remember how “White Noise” was going to be their big Oscar movie?)

In the good news department, Paramount’s got a hit with “Scream 6.” They made $20 mil over Thursday and Friday. This is a huge leap from the last “Scream” movie in 2022. Horror of horrors, the new installment recalls the halcyon days of “Scream” when it first launched from Miramax decades ago. This episode has Courteney Cox, but no Neve Campbell, who turned it down after a low ball salary offer. You just never know how these things will go.

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