Home Television Exclusive: More Disorder at “Organized Crime” as 5th Showrunner Reportedly Out (UPDATED)

UPDATED: I reported this story exclusively at 3:38PM Pacific Time on Friday. A couple of hours later, Deadline.com stole it from this site and labelled it ‘exclusive.’ This is what I have to deal with all the time, especially from Deadline, where the people claim to be my friends. Good lord.

What Deadline won’t say, but I’ve said all along, is that no one knows what “Organized Crime” is about. Even after all these episodes, “OC” stands as an add-on to “SVU.” The Benson-Stabler non romance is what drives any viewers to it. They just keep replacing showrunners hoping to figure out a raison d’etre for this show.


Well. You get to Hollywood and there’s plenty of news.

The TV types out here tell me the showrunner for “Law & Order Organized Crime” is out.

Steve JablonskI was the 5th person assigned to guide Chris Meloni’s cop show. These producers are like Murphy Brown’s secretaries!

What next? A former OC EP was spotted around Dick Wolf’s Den recently. Bit who knows?

if anyone does let me know at showbiz411@gmail.com

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