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Lady Gaga’s maintaining a Poker Face this Sunday at the Oscars.

The Oscar winning singer-songwriter will not perform her song, “Hold My Hand,” from “Top Gun Maverick,” after all. She’s filming the new “Joker” movie and didn’t have time to put together a presentation. (No, the dog didn’t eat her homework!)

Gaga will be in the audience and will presumably walk the red carpet, however.

Can we blame her? All signs point to “Naatu Naatu” from “RRR” winning Best Song. So why bother putting in time, dressing up like an Air Force pilot, bringing in a plane, etc if she’s otherwise occupied the next day? That’s a lot to ask.

It’s ironic considering the mishegos that went into her writing and recording the song in the first place. Other music was being lined up for the movie when Tom Cruise went to a Gaga show in Europe and went…gaga. He immediately commissioned the song, and the music was used throughout the film. “Hold My Hand” was a radio hit, too. But all that seems like a long time ago.

Lady G will be back next year at the Oscars with music from “Joker 2,” and maybe an acting nod as well.

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