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Sunday night’s installment of “The Last of Us” on HBO was another milestone.

The sci-fi post-apocalyptic Zombie show posted its second consecutive week with over 1 million viewers on the main channel at 9pm.

HBO says the total for the night was 8.1 million, meaning another 7 million watched on HBO Max or other extra terrestrial platforms. How is that measured? Only the know.

Sunday’s episode was excellent, the best I thought so far. Ellie and Joel are still on the run, and most of the people they meet along the way wind up getting killed. We never really see the zombies. It’s the humans who are more problematic. This week’s episode featured a special appearance by the actor who hosts the “Last of Us” podcast — Troy Baker– who played Joel in the original video game — as a baddie. Spoiler alert: it was a one-off shot.

This week’s episode is the last of the season. It comes in the middle of the Academy Awards over on ABC. My advice: tape the HBO show. Or watch the re-broadcast around midnight.

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