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There has to be some anxiety at HBO.

The cable network is about to lose two of its biggest series this spring. Both “Succession” and “Barry” will end after four seasons apiece.

Gone are the days of dragging out a series to six or eight seasons, like “The Sopranos” or “Game of Thrones.”

Now we get announcements that the series’ creators are “done” and “saw a natural ending.”

Forget that “Law & Order SVU” and “Greys Anatomy” have been on long enough for the original viewers to be grandparents. That’s at network TV.

HBO has been through this before, when the original “Sex and the City” and the aforementioned “Sopranos” went away at the same time. It take a while for a network to get that rhythm back.

Luckily there’s always “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” now in its 23rd year (with half the number of actual seasons). Plus there are new hits like “The Last of Us” and “House of the Dragon.”

But “Hacks” — as wonderful as it is– seems like it has a limited shelf life. And no one really enjoys the “Sex and the City” reboot. HBO also needs a new drama, and it doesn’t sound like The Weeknd’s “The Idol” is going to be the winner. Plus, “Euphoria” seems like it will be next to wrap up since Zendaya is a movie star by now.

We never count HBO out, that’s for sure. They’re still the best content provider. Just wait– next year we’ll be talking about a new must-see hit.

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