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All the puns and cliches are being dragged out this morning for “Creed III.”

The Michael B. Jordan-directed third movie in the post Rocky series threw a knockout punch, etc and landed $58.6 million for its opening weekend.

“Creed III” mopped the floor with the box office, making around $20 million more than all the prognosticators had predicted. And this was despite terrible weather in a lot of places and the chance to watch the Spirit Awards on YouTube. (Just kidding.)

Sylvester Stallone threw in the towel on this one. He could have made an appearance as Rocky Balboa but let pride and anger get in his way. Now the “Creed” series will roll on without him, in all likelihood. Jordan’s directing debut is such a success he can definitely get two more movies out of this success.

For MGM/UA they were saved by the bell with “Creed.” Almost everything they’ve touched has turned to dross. Of course, “Creed” coming from their long “Rocky” deal dates back to way before the current MGM/UA staff was born. All they had to do this time was sit back and not screw it up.

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