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Yesterday’s bombshell that the surviving Beatles and Rolling Stones would all be on the same album caused a near riot in classic rock circles.

But the real story, from what I’m told, is a little less feverish. My source, who is right in the middle of this, says the following: “Paul came in and played bass on one track. I have no idea if Ringo is doing anything. His name hasn’t come up at all.”

This makes sense. It’s unlikely Ringo will come in play drums on a Stones track. It would be a little disrespectful to the memory of Charlie Watts. And Ringo is all about peace and love.

McCartney doesn’t sing on the track. And the final tracks haven’t been finalized, says my source. But the good news is, the album is in the finishing stages. The band is out of the studio, recording is done. So we could see a new Stones album mid summer. And that would be exciting.

As for a tour: “not now,” says a source. “At this point it may be too late for summer, given what’s available.” But they added: “The band is always up for a tour. They could decide at the last minute.”

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