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The Golden Globes say they will return next January 7, 2024.

But there are two problems. One is, they have no TV partner. NBC only made a one year deal with them, and the ratings were miserable. With just 6.3 million viewers, the Globes did half the numbers of the Grammys this year.

The other problem is their venue. Host Jarrod Carmichael joked on the air that he wanted to thank the Beverly Hilton, “the hotel that killed Whitney Houston.” Ouch! As much as the hotel shares an owner with the Hollywood Foreign Press, and Dick Clark Productions, they can’t have enjoyed that announcement.

Meanwhile, this year the Critics Choice Association aired on January 9th. They have a broadcast partner in the CW Network. Their show was also several degrees better in quality and execution. Can they pick January 6th and go first? Or does it matter if they just do a better show a week later?

Stay tuned…

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