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The Directors Guild has spoken.

Winner of the 2023 DGA Award for Feature Films are Daniel Scheinert and Danuel Kwan, aka “The Daniels,” for “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

This traditionally points to the Oscar at least for Best Direction, if not Best Picture. The Academy voters may split their votes and give the Daniels the directing award and another film Best Picture. But this dye was cast a long time ago.

Other DGA awards went to Bill Hader for “Barry” and Sam Levinson for “Euphoria” — meaning an HBO sweep for TV. Charlotte Wells won for first time feature for “Aftersun.” TV Awards went to the Tony Awards, and “Saturday Night Live.”

Best documentary directing went to “Fire of Love” from National Geographic.

Do I agree with the big award? Well, “EEAAO” is fresh and unusual, full of vibrant images and ideas. Did it move me like “The Fabelmans” did? Or “Tar”? No. I think a lot of Academy voters are confused by it. But you can’t deny its originality and exuberance.

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