Home business Box Office: “Ant Man” Heads to $100 Mil Weekend, “Magic Mike” Doubles...

Last night came the “Ant Man” and the unvaccinated WASP. After hitting $17.5 mil in Thursday previews, the latest Marvel adventure took in another $28 million. Total $46 million. Add another $56 mil and we’re up over $100 million.

Good stuff, even if reviews are pretty negative. But people need entertainment. And theaters need customers.

On the perplexing side, why did Warner Bros. add twice as many theaters to “Magic Mike”? WB usually has great instincts about supply and demand but they really blew it on this one. “Magic Mike” doubled its theaters and fell 60% from last Friday. How crazy is that? They won’t even get near $20 million total for the two week run by Sunday.

Good news, though: “80 for Brady” will hit $30 million tonight. Another completed pass!

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