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Thursday ratings:

“Law & Order SVU” continues to rank as NBC’s highest rated show. Last night it was third highest in ratings behind “Young Sheldon” and “Ghosts.” But even more important — it’s the highest rated drama. Total viewers last night was 5 million!

Revealed in last night’s episode: what has happened to Det. John Munch, aka Richard Belzer? According to Fin, aka Ice T, Munch is happily married, back to living in Baltimore — and owns a bar. Why Baltimore? Munch started there when he was a character on “Homicide: Life on the Streets.” As far as I know, Belzer is not in Bridgeport. He’s been living in the South of France. (My goal, too!)

“SVU” has pulled up the ratings of the shows before it and after. “Organized Crime” may finally be turning around. The revival of original “Law & Order” is booming, too.

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