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Taylor Swift has got this game down cold.

She didn’t sing at the Grammys two weeks ago, but this past week she sold the most albums of anyone in the top 50.

According to hitsdailydouble.com, Taylor placed five albums in the top 50. The total came to around 118,500. If the chart just went by artist, Taylor was number 1.

As it was, she’s number 2 with her Midnights album selling 57,573. Four more albums sold 60,000 more copies. Big chunks of Taylor’s sales were in physical units, CDs, downloads, and vinyl.

Rihanna sold the second most albums, with five of her titles in the top 50. Her Super Bowl show continues to pay off big time.

SZA came in third, with around 109,000. Her “SOS” album continued to set records for continuous weeks at number 1 with 93,329 copies this week.

Female performers are outselling male singers, that’s for sure. And we didn’t even get into Lizzo or Beyonce!

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