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Friday means new music on the pop charts.

Pink is back– with a vengeance. Her wonderful new album is called “Trustfall.” The title track and “When I Get There” have hit the iTunes singles chart in the top 10 right out of the box.

Even better: the album is holding down number 1 and number 2 on iTunes’ album chart. Yowza!

The only funny thing here is that “Trustfall” is a unique new word for a title and hook of a song. It sounds like she’s singing “trustfund, baby.” Wait for Weird Al to get a hold of this one!

MILEY CYRUS holds on to number 1 on the singles chart with “Flowers.” Massive hit, and deserved. The album is coming March 3rd.

And more good news: Niall Horan has not had the gigantic success of his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles so far. But that may change with “Heaven,” out today and already number 2. This is a radio song like “Flowers.” Unlike Styles, Horan is a real writer. “Heaven” may finally establish him.

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