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I don’t understand how movie publicity works, obviously.

Last night in Washington, the White House screened the fine movie, “Till.” I don’t get it. The Oscar nominations were announced more than two weeks ago. “Till” is out of the running. So is actress Danielle Deadwyler.

But this is MGM, which has killed nearly every movie it comes near. So it makes sense that they got “Till” the most publicity it’s had months after its release and weeks after it was ignored by the Academy. Well done!

Director Chinonye Chukwu was there in the East Room along with Deadwyler, the cast, and the producers. President Joe Biden praised them all, which is lovely. But if he’d done it in November, “Till” might have been boosted for awards season.

MGM can kill any movie. In 2021 they did in “Licorice Pizza,” “Respect,” and a bunch of others. “Till” is produced by Barbara Broccoli, who produces the James Bond series, which MGM is still involved with. If it hadn’t been for “No Time to Die,” MGM would have gone out of business. (Well, they did really, they were sold to Amazon.) You’d think they would have worked a little harder to get “Till” over the line.

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