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“Magic Mike” is having a slow dance in its first week of release.

After a desultory opening over the weekend, “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” starring Channing Tatum got a bump on Tuesday. For Valentine’s Day, Warner Bros. added over 600 theaters. The result was a jump of 137% in ticket sales. Cool.

But on Wednesday, Mike got spiked. Sales fell 57%, basically back to where they were on Monday, but now stretched over those extra locations.

The word is, “Magic Mike” will dance on over to video on demand in the next couple of weeks and theaters will decrease in numbers.

Meantime, Marvel’s “Ant Man” part 3 starts in previews tonight. The Paul Rudd led film has terrible reviews — 51% on Rotten Tomatoes, which always loves Marvel movies. All eyes will be on tonight’s take.

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