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I told you on January 31st that Jujamcyn Theaters would merge with Britain’s Ambassador Theater Group.

And it has happened this morning.

The St. James, Al Hirschfeld, August Wilson, Eugene O’Neill, and Walter Kerr Theaters now leave the control of Jujamcyn for new horizons, Ambassador Theater Group currently owns the Hudson and Lyric Theatres and dozens more around the world.

Jujamcyn President Jordan Roth will head the Board of Directors as the largest individual shareholder of the combined group and serve as Creative Director. Mark Cornell, CEO of ATG, will serve as CEO.

ATG says: “We are delighted to be combining our operations with Jujamcyn. Our combined expertise and capabilities will enable producers and other creatives to bring their visions to life and create the unimaginable for our audiences.”

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