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First of all, I didn’t even realize Interview magazine still existed.

But it does, apparently. And somehow they landed two of the world’s biggest pop-emo stars, Lana del Rey and Billie Eilish, on the cover.

Interscope Records labelmates, del Rey is releasing a new album called “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard?”

Eilish, who’s about 16 years younger, chats with del Rey and tells her what an influence she’s been on her career.

Eilish also reveals that she can’t stop looking at Tik Tok. She says: “I have this inevitable feeling of, “Oh, everyone hates me.” With the world of TikTok and social media, there is a level where it’s kind of true, because there are these videos. I’m lying in bed last night, and I go on TikTok because I’m falling asleep, and I just want to be mindless for a second, watch some funny videos…I keep scrolling and I’m thinking, “Billie, put your phone away. You’re getting tired.” Then I swipe to the next one and it’s a video with millions of likes and it’s something about how I’m a horrible person. And all these comments are like, “I’m so glad that you guys are seeing through her.” And I’m like, “Damn.”

Del Rey talks about privacy, as well: “Sometimes what I wanted was to move and be in the Midwest, and that clashed with what people thought was right. I had to dig really deep into my gut and be like, “Do you really want to do this? Do you want to make a career change?” Because I love to sing, but it’s been, like, 16 years or something. I felt like I had made this deal with the press, that because I hadn’t given very much information, I was entitled to a certain amount of privacy. But what was interesting is that it had the complete opposite effect. But it was so important for me to maintain this feeling that I could still go rogue, and I could still fucking have my ear to the streets and be at the same clubs as all my friends on the East Side.”

Good stuff. Welcome back from the dead, Interview, I knew you when!

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