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James Cameron is the only director in recent memory to have two movies in the box office top 10.

“Avatar 2” is still hanging in there with a zillion dollars collected. Now comes the 25th anniversary edition of “Titanic,” in which we discover the boat never sank but everyone washed up on an uncharted island and started a colony.

No, seriously, “Titanic” from 1997 opened last night and made almost $2.8 million, It will win the weekend. Crazy, no?

Meantime, “80 for Brady” will finish tomorrow with around $25 million and is still going strong. Paramount did a great job here, and the timing was perfect. A sequel? How about “Home for Mahomes”?

Warner Bros. is having a bad moment. They’ll recover but right now things are weird, weird, weird. They haven’t released any numbers for “Magic Mike’s Last Stand” since it hit theaters Thursday night. This movie was supposed to be on HBO Max, but I guess Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh prevailed. Channing’s even on the cover of GQ. But it hasn’t helped.

Another Warner’s movie, the reboot of “House Party,” has all but disappeared after two weeks. It’s also not listed and may be down to one theater somewhere. Total take was less than $9 million. Maybe both of these movies will turn up on HBO Max. We live in strange times.

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