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For the first time in memory, the Independent Spirit Awards will take place during the voting for the Oscars.

Usually the Spirit Awards happen the day before the Oscars, when all the Academy votes have been counted.

But this year, the Spirit Awards fall right in the middle of the weekend when Academy voters will be casting their ballots — Saturday, March 4th.

This could be pivotal as three of the five Spirit nominations for Best Picture overlap with the Oscars. (I know, the question is why?) Those are “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” “Tar,” and “Women Talking.”

The timing could be bad for all three, any of which could win the Spirit Award. That would likely knock it out of the Oscar race. The Academy isn’t likely to rubber stamp the Spirit Awards, a lesser citation by far, and give it a gold statue. The whole point of the Spirit Awards is to recognize a film too small for the Oscars.

Right now it would seem like the Spirit Awards voters are definitely going for “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” The movie, directed by the “Daniels,” is cutting edge and hip, outside the realm of Academy voters. Also, it wasn’t nominated for Special Visual Effects, its bread and butter. (They’re amazing.)

A win for “EEAAO” would probably take it out of the Academy voters hands. And that would clear the way for “The Fabelmans” — if the Academy voters are going for characters and acting — or “Top Gun Maverick” if they want to reward a box office blockbuster.

We’ll find out the answer on March 12th.

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