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Barbra Streisand likes to make records and break records.

Her memoir, called “My Name is Barbra,” will be published in November.

It comes in at an astounding 1,040 pages. And will cost $40 in hardcover. The book was announced in 2015 by Penguin Random House etc.

Presumably for that money we’ll get the inside dope on her career, romances, and architecture, not to mention politics and her involvement with the Clintons etc.

Maybe the length of the book and its price mean a lot of photos. And I mean, a lot!

Barbra came out of the gate as a star in 1964 as a singer with an album of the same name. By 1968 she had an Oscar for “Funny Girl.” And then she never looked back. She’s an actress, writer, singer, director, and producer. She’s been advocate for women’s rights in every arena.

Just as a singer she has tons of hits, as witnessed by her concert tours that fetch thousands of dollars per ticket.

And I guess we’ll hear all about Elliott Gould, Jon Peters, Andre Agassi, Don Johnson, and her long time husband James Brolin.

Streisand is very witty, so even with a ghost writer helping her we’ll hear her voice!

She should have called the book “The Way I Was”!

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