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The Grammys are coming tomorrow night, and I’m told one live act is causing a lot of trouble already.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras, who are they together and they apart, are going to perform their massive hit, “Unholy.”

But my sources say the production of this number “is going to make a lot of people very upset, and I guarantee there will be calls to CBS from outraged Christians.”

Apparently Smith — who is six foot five and a big person — will be playing Satan, there will be a lot of devil type stuff, devil worship, and “pyrotechnics like you’ve never seen.”

My source adds: “It’s over the top and really crazy.”

I asked: “Crazy good?”

The answer: “Wait and see.”

Here’s a modest clip of their performance (their meaning Sam and their meaning Sam and Kim) at the 2022 Jingle Ball.

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