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Lisa Marie Presley received a classy send off memorial today at Graceland.

The big surprise speaker was Sarah Ferguson aka “Fergie,” Duchess of York and ex wife of Prince Andrew. Who knew she and Lisa Marie called each other “sissie” as in sister? Fergie mentions her late mother in law, aka Queen Elizabeth, so we’ve got the UK royalty invoked at Memphis royalty.

Jerry Schilling, who’s been with the Presleys since the 60s, gives a touching tribute as well. Axl Rose, of Guns n Roses, speaks without notes, then sits at the piano and sings “November Rain.” We’ve never seen him without long hair and a bandana. He’s wearing a wool overcoat and regular scarf. That alone is memorable.

Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla, no doubt still in shock, read off her phone a very sweet note from one of the 14 year old twins. She observer her mother died of heartbreak. Lisa never got over her son’s suicide last year.

Finally, eldest daughter Riley Keough’s husband, reads a touching note from his wife. He also reveals they have a daughter. No one knew that. Keough is a respected actress and now will take charge of her mother’s estate

The whole memorial was put together by Lisa Marie and Priscilla’s business partner, Joel Weinshanker, who himself seems genuinely shaken. It’s unclear if his partner, Shaquille O’Neal, made the trip.

You can watch the whole thing here. Rest in peace.

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