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Some of the talk last night at the big Universal party: how many reminder calls Academy members have already gotten to vote and return their ballots.

Oscar voting nominations began two days ago and ends on Tuesday night. If you think the town is otherwise quiet it’s because viewing marathons are going on even we speak.

I confirmed with a couple of Academy members that they’ve gotten at least three reminder calls so far. One of the calling centers is in Minnesota, which surprised some voters. “They’re telling us to hurry up!”

Luckily everyone at the Universal pary had seen all that studio’s movies. They’ve also all seen “Elvis” and “Top Gun Maverick,” from what I can discern. Some others that are better known to film critics, like “The Whale,” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” were still on to-do lists.

I did tell Universal’s chief, Donna Langley, that even though I’m a fan of Michelle Yeoh, “Everything Everywhere” Left me a little confused. She shook her finger at me. “I watched it three times,” she said, “I really enjoyed it!”

It’s not even from her studio! You see, that’s why she’s in charge!

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